March 1, 2014

Respecting the Craft: Down and out in Las Vegas

Honestly, I have never been a fan of a certain nationally known food distributor. Early in my career I disliked their approach and practices when it came to their reps. Over the last 23 years I have always bought from independent Italian distributors. And I still do.

Opening a new restaurant and going into a region like Las Vegas, which has practically
everything, I never thought sourcing ingredients would be an issue when I opened Pizza Rock II. But it sure was! My new restaurant has a very unique menu. We have eight different styles of pizzas that are made with five different ovens. With all of these styles, we use several regional and imported ingredients. When I started sourcing around Las Vegas I came to realize that I couldn’t find over 25 ingredients — which would have eliminated half my menu. I was at a stand still. One of the only distributors that had no problem getting most of these ingredients was the large national distributor I always despised. My rep went out of her way to source everything she could and made sure it was at a reasonable price. My pizza is unique and my ingredients were the key component when it comes to separating me from everyone else.

My contacts on the manufacturing side were a great help as well. Many, many companies worked hand in hand with the national rep to get me certain products I needed.  It’s
important to find out who the importer is in your quest to get specific ingredients.

Regional products such as specialty cheeses and salumi were a challenge, but West Coast distributors I know actually worked together to help me get the product I needed. Stocking one product for a single store could be a nightmare for a distributor and a warehouse, but the distributors assisted me with everything I needed regardless.

I have always been fond of a good relationship with reps when it comes to my distributors, and I was lucky to find that in Las Vegas. My reps eased the stress level when it came to my opening. The first few weeks are always a challenge and my reps really went out of their way to help me through it. I remember getting an order in on a Sunday night when we ran out of something. It was one of those opening weekends that you were banging your head against the wall. The next day I called my rep and said “Thanks, that saved me.” He said: “You don’t have to say thanks — that’s my job, and it’s about dedication. You would have done the same for me.”

That was an experience I will never forget. Your distributors play a major role in your success. Always remember that.

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