January 21, 2014

Tony Gemignani talks pros and cons of mobile pizza oven

Recently, in every course I have had at least one or two students who have been interested in the concept of mobile ovens. Here are a number of pros and cons to keep in mind if you are thinking about investing in a mobile oven:


  • It is a minimal original investment as compared to a freestanding restaurant.
  • Labor costs are low.
  • These operate predominately on cash, meaning less cost to the business.
  • Food trucks, right now, are extremely popular.
  • Mobile ovens are great additions to a brick and mortar.
  • They are a great way to follow your clientele.
  • Having a mobile oven opens you up to more business opportunities such as off-site events.


  • Bad weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on business and daily sales.
  • If using a wood burning oven, it will not cook aswell and function as well as one used every day.
  • Space for refrigeration, workspace and storage space is extremely limited and not adequate for large volume.
  • If serving predominately during lunch there is a small window of opportunity for business.
  • The market is becoming over saturated with mobile trucks.
  • Some cities have strict rules and regulations in regard to food trucks, such as health codes and permits, and some areas don’t allow them.
  • Some distributors require a minimum amount for purchasing product so costs can become high if not using or going through a fair amount.
  • It is sometimes hard to get specialized ingredients and/or imported ingredients when distributors are limited or have minimum price requirements that are high.
  • Pricing can become a factor. You may have to price under $10 for some pizzas since lots of fairs, events and festivals tend to price food between $6 and $8.

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